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VS99 Shop RC Helicopter

HCW521/527 Replaced Spares Parts

New aerocraft Sky Wild No.HCW521/527 RC Helicopter

Spare Parts list

Other Helicopter's parts Please contact us

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Training kit for Medium and Big RC Helicopter $10

Special for beginners Maximum protection for your helicopter

  HCW521/527-01 Receiving board


HCW521/527-02 Connect buckle


HCW521/527-03 Bearings 2.5*5*1.5mm


HCW521/527-04 Motor with long shaft


HCW521/527-05 Motor with short shaft


HCW521/527-01 Bearing 4*7*2mm



$4/2pcs (2A rotor blade) Today's special  50% discount  $2 only


$4/2pcs (2B rotor blade) Today's special  50% discount  $2 only

HCW521/527-09 Stabilizer set Balance bar


HCW521/527-10 Center hub set A&Main shaft B


HCW521/527-11 Main gear B&Main shaft A



Main blade grip set


HCW521/527-13 Tail blade


HCW521/527-14 main gear A set


HCW521/527-15 Bearing set collar


HCW521/527-16 Inner shelf B



HCW521/527-17 Transmitter


HCW521/527-18 Charger $6

HCW521/527-18 Charger + Balance charger box $10

HCW521/527-19 body battery 7.4V 650mAh


HCW521/527-20 Aluminum sheet for fuselage


HCW521/527-21 Aluminum sheet


HCW521/527-22 Undercarriage


HCW521/527-23 Back pipe holder


HCW521/527-24 Main frame


HCW521/527-25 LED Lamps  3pcs



HCW521- Nose of copter


HCW527 - Nose of copter


Screwdriver tools set for your helicopter or other boys

31-IN-1 SCREWDRIVER SET (A shape, cross, hexagon and so on. Very useful) + 2*Small Phillips screwdriver+ 2*big Phillips screwdriver


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Please leave a message about your phone number with the order (delivery required)

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HCW RC Helicopter are all available

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